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Beyond the metropolis of New York City lies the vast landscapes of New York State commonly referred to as Upstate New York. Up here we enjoy regional cultures, natural wonders beyond your imagination, and  supporting our local businesses. So, what is The Upstate Experience? It's the history of colonial America, the Erie Canal, and the Industrial Revolution, it's waterfalls, it's generations of immigrants who established their own communities and pushed the American dream. And for you, well... it is what you choose to make it! And we're here to help you build your own Upstate Experience. Whether you're a resident of New York, America, or a foreign country there is always something new to discover that only the locals like us know how to reveal. 


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Adirondack Mountains

     Are you craving adventure but you're not sure where to start or how to find you specific travel interests? Let the Upstate Experience plan your trip for you! Doesn't matter if it's a day trip, weekend warrior trip, or a long vacation we will custom build a travel itinerary that meets your standards of adventure. #MyUpstateExperience Travel Itinerary is available year round. After making the purchase you will be given a digital download survey that we use to define your expectations and willingness to explore during your travels. Send your completed survey back to us and we'll build you a custom travel itinerary to make your experience uniquely tailored to your travel interests.

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