New York State

Roundnet League

Our Mission:  To establish an official Roundnet league in New York State. Several smaller municipal leagues across the State will play an 8-week season with a one day playoff tournament to determine the winner of the municipal league. Municipal leagues already in existence can add their league through a written request. The winner of their respective league will compete in the Regional tournament their municipality resides in.  The Upstate Experience will work with local communities to establish municipal leagues where there is potential. To test the waters we will organize one day tournaments to promote the sport. Municipal League Winners will compete against other Municipal League Winners in their respective Regional Tournament (regions listed below). Regional Tournaments will take place between late July and Early August. Municipal leagues should schedule their playoffs accordingly. The winner of each Regional Tournament will have the opportunity to advance to the New York State Roundnet Championship Tournament in August.


League Structure: With the prospect of growth within the sport over time we will create a league formula to allow continued growth and inclusion across the state at varying skill levels. Ascending from the lowest level to the highest, 1-3, the league structure: 1) Municipal Leagues 2) Regional Tournaments 3) New York State Roundnet Championship. Municipal leagues are the backbone of our development. Teams will compete in an 8-week season followed by a one day playoff. If there is only one municipal league in a region then the champion of said municipal league will represent their respective region in the NYS Championship. The NYS Championship will contain representatives from the following regions (potential municipalities within each region have been identified as well):


 The Mohawk Valley – Rome, Utica, Amsterdam,

 The Finger Lakes – Rochester, Watkins Glen, Ithaca, Syracuse.

 Western New York - Buffalo

 The North Country – Watertown, Tupper Lake, Potsdam, Plattsburgh

 The Hudson Valley – Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Kingston

 The Southern Tier – Binghamton, Elmira, Owego

 New York City – The five Boroughs

 The Capital Region – Albany, Troy, Schenectady, Saratoga Springs


League Length: 8 weeks + 1 Saturday consisting of all playoff games and the Municipal Championship. Regional Tournaments will take place in the immediate weeks following Municipal Championships in a one day event. After Regional Champions have emerged they will compete in the last one day event of the season, the NYS Championship Tournament. From the start of league play until the NYS Championship the league will stretch out across the summer starting around  Memorial Day Weekend and finishing no later than Labor Day Weekend (Approximately 12 weeks). For existing leagues joining the State league exceptions can be made on the length/structure of their already established season as long as it finishes before the regional tournaments.


Teams: Each team consists of two players. If needed, a substitute player can be used if a teammate is unable to participate. Come 15 minutes prior to the start of your game to notify on site staff/volunteers or email the league beforehand to let them know of your substitution.


Matchup: Teams will play each other in a best of three series. Each game is played to a score of 21, AND a team must “win by 2.” Each game in the series is marked as a “Win” or “Loss” on the team’s overall records. There are no ties. If a team wins the first two games of a series they may still play the third game if both teams agree and there are no time constraints or limitations. We expect a high standard of sportsmanship between teams. Play fair and be nice.


Definitions & Details:


Municipal League: The entry level of Roundnet in New York State for beginners and experts alike. The greatest amount of teams and games are seen at this level. Teams compete in an 8-week season followed by a one day playoff tournament. In each weekly matchup teams will play in a best of three series. At the end of the 8-week season playoff seeds will be administered based on each team’s W/L record. The team that wins a Municipal League advances to a regional tournament. The Upstate Experience will work with towns and cities to start municipal leagues where possible. Existing leagues may join as well. All leagues whether created by the Upstate Experience or not will pay a $50 yearly due to the New York State Roundnet League to help with the organization of the league tournaments.



Regional Tournament: A one day tournament to determine the best team within a region. A Regional Tournament is dependent on participation from more than one Municipal League Champion. Municipal League champions play each other in a regional tournament to determine the Regional Champion who will represent their respective region in the New York State Roundnet League Championship. Regional Tournaments will be a day of community inclusion. In addition to the league tournament, each event that is held will offer a one day tournament to encourage new participants to play the sport and bring municipal teams who didn’t win their respective leagues to come support the growth of the sport. These one off tournaments will have zero ramifications on the NYS Tournament structure; they are a means to expand community involvement in the sport and allow further participation in the sport without the typical 8-week+ commitment. 



New York State Roundnet Championship: The granddaddy tournament! The Regional Champions will compete in a one day tournament that will determine the New York State Roundnet Champion of that respective year. The location of this tournament will be determined by community involvement across the State and availability of public space.  



League Execution & The Upstate Experience’s Involvement: The Upstate Experience facilitates league development, online resources, and the sport’s physical equipment at tournaments directly hosted. Due to distances between league locations and scheduling conflicts a representative from The Upstate Experience may not be present at all Municipal League level events. Municipalities will be asked to supply (a) volunteer(s) who will record the weekly W/L from all games and e-mail the results to the in order to update standings on the website. Leagues already in existence can join the New York State Roundnet League at any point before the Regional Tournament upon a written request. Existing leagues will be added to the municipal league structure and NYS Roundnet resoruces (website, social media, tournmanets). To join the New York State Roundnet League Municipal Leagues must pay a $50.00 league deposit each season. These dues help facilitate and promote the Regional and State tournaments, in addition to other League resource costs. Information regarding league registration, tournaments, how to get your community or business involved, and league rules can be found at


Green Vision: The Upstate Experience believes in hosting sustainable events, it’s our 2020 vision. We encourage our athletes to utilize reusable water bottles at games. If a league space does not have access to water fountains have a volunteer bring a Gatorade jug for additional water. Be respectful of the community spaces that allow our league to exist, carry in and carry out at all games. The only footprints we leave behind are from running circles around the net! As the league and its following grow The Upstate Experience will organize community events centered around the Regional and State Tournament dates. These events will consider: local sponsorship opportunities, space for athletic vendors, food trucks, other recreational opportunities, among other things. With each event we will take considerations to leave behind little to no environmental impact.