Cheers to 2019!

Happy New Year everyone! There is a lot for us to be excited about in 2019. Our mission at The Upstate Experience is and always will be to promote and support the local businesses, communities, and parks of Upstate New York... and in 2019 we're kicking our mission up a notch. We have started The Upstate Experience Podcast and this blog to accompany Good Morning Upstate as platforms to exchange adventure tips, tricks, and educational opportunities. A few things you can look forward to in 2019:

1) The Mohawk River Awareness project - Throughout 2019 we will be naviagting the "Mighty Mohawk" by kayak in an attempt to raise awareness about the river, its historic value to the region, and how we can work together to keep it a clean recreational resource.

2) I Love My Park Day May 4th - May the Fourth be with you, and may you join us at one of New York State's participating parks to volunteer your time and effort towards beautification projects. I will lead a carpool to Wellesley Island State Park for those interested. I encourage you to participate with me or at any other participating park.

3) Hinckley State Forest Clean Up - This Spring we'll be teaming up with Zero Waste Lifestyle activist Alysa Hoffman (IG: @turtlestraws) to organize a clean up of the trail located at Hinckley State Forest in Cold Brook, NY. Volunteer clean up date TBD (likely May or June).

4) The Narrows Project - Our Upstate partners Dig The Falls have orchestrated a tremendous opportunity in Troy, NY. Their goal is to clean and create over 5 miles of a trail system that will connect various points of Troy to natural splendors hidden within the City. All hnads on deck for this project! Head over to to learn more about The Narrows Project.

5) The NYS Road Trip Blog- Follow me, Johnny Quest, as I explore the scenic byways of Upstate New York and provide you with ideas for your next road trip! Routes under review: 20, 28, and 9.

6) Taste New York Blog- Where to eat and what to drink! Fine purveyors of craft beer, bbq, and burgers...

7) Peak to Brew Relay August 9-10 - #TheUltimateRelay Starts at Whiteface Mountain and spans 220+ mile for a strong finish at Saranac Brewery in Utica, NY for one of the best after parties of the summer. The Upstate Experience is running Peak to Brew Relay's social media accounts and will be volunteering time for content creation during the race. If you're interested in forming a team or volunteering your time check out their website:

It's a good day to have a day! #TheUpstateExperience

-Johnny Quest

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