#NYStateofAdventure Road Trip

Backcountry roads. Windshield time. Hours on the water. Laughter by a campfire. We all crave the sights, sounds, and senses associated with the feeling of freedom that summer evokes. It is a time of restless energy. Our weather forecast leaves much to be desired, and any opportunity to enjoy the weather is always captured. Why let the bad weather slow down your good fun though? There are plenty of museums and experiences to be had across New York State. I am going to but that mindset to the test as I vacation across New York State for three weeks in late July and August. Last November I began work on the ultimate #NYStateofAdventure road trip itinerary. With no idea of what the weather could be I created a complete to-do list for each region included in my trip. That way no matter the weather I have a game plan of what I can do, where I can visit, or whom I can meet to maximize my trip.

We can’t give away all the details of our trip just yet…BUT, we can give you a rough idea of what sort of content the #NYStateofAdventure will produce. In my 3 weeks of travel I will document at least 50 waterfalls, 100+ miles of hiking, 3 museums, and at least 7 New York State Parks. In order to help you plan your own #NYStateofAdventure road trip I will be producing a multipart Youtube series of my day to day adventures. Where did we find those waterfalls? How did you come up with weather related contingency plans? Can I book a campsite on my own? All of those questions will be answered and more! The Youtube series will begin airing at the end of August and be fully uploaded by the end of September. “But Johnny, that’s so far away!” I know it may seem far away, but the best advice for road trips like this is to plan ahead. If you are watching this series in September 2019, start planning your 2020 #NYStateofAdventure. The best campsites and airbnbs must be booked well in advance. Most of my campsite reservations in 2019 were booked in November of 2018.

It is a challenge choosing how to spend your time and where. Admittedly, there is some bias in how I allocated the number of days spent in each region. I will explain that later though. Here’s a breakdown of where my #NYStateofAdventure will take me: Rochester, the Finger Lakes, Central New York, the Catskills, the Adirondacks, and the Thousand Islands. FLX – 8 nights, Catskills – 1 night, Adirondacks – 5 nights, & Thousand Islands – 10 nights. There are four different location stops in the Finger Lakes region where I will be staying and this is the region that will cover more than half of the 50+ waterfalls our trip will reveal. The Catskills is the only region on this list that I am not extremely familiar with. Hence, the one night visit. In addition, I am hoping the weather will allow me to backpack in the Adirondacks and I don’t want to exhaust too many hiking miles in the Catskills before tackling the ridgelines and cols of the Adirondack High Peaks. The Adirondacks section will be a great testament to my preparedness no matter the weather. The long stretch in the Thousand Islands is because that part of the trip coincides with my family’s yearly trip to the region. Three nights at one of Wellesley Island’s most pristine waterfront campsites and a week with my family at our relative’s camp in Fisher’s Landing.

While you wait for the visual documentation of Johnny Quest’s #NYStateofAdventure to air on Youtube you can ease those eardrums into the smooth frequencies of The Upstate Experience Podcast on Spotify, Apple Music, and Audioboom. When the road trip kicks off in late July and August I will provide LIVE podcast updates of my day to day adventures on the road! We may even have a surprise guest or two cozy up to the campfire with us! There will be plenty of trails trafficed and you can count on a few brewery visitations as well. If you are a local business or tourism council interested in participating in the #NYStateofAdventure experience please contact me at theupstateexperience@gmail.com. My hope is that this road trip will demonstrate the beauty and fun the back roads of adventure offer. Upstate New York has a lot of history, culture, and natural beauty. It is going to be quite an experience sharing all of that with you.

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