FINALLY, our first real winter storm arrived this past weekend in the form of Winter Storm Harper, but within hours of falling a "flash freeze" consumed the Northeast solidifying our fresh POW. Nonetheless, snow is snow when it comes to building up the base levels at our East Coast mountain resorts. Our fine men and women in the snow making business have been hard at working keeping as many slopes open as possible waiting for a storm like Winter Storm Harper. Hopefully we'll continue to get more snow without these frigid temperatures before the season ends. The trend of recent years points to potential for big storms in both February and March.

If your local ski resort is lacking trails and powder this Winter spread your wings and reach for bigger mountains. There are plenty of great ski resorts in the Northeast within a 3-5 hour drive and maybe even some closer to home than you thought. Check out this link to find your next ski destination ---> https://www.onthesnow.com/northeast/ski-resorts.html

Don't settle on the first ticket price you find. Do your research. Chances are you will find something cheaper than the face value of the ticket if you are purchasing your ticket in advance. Ticket prices will be higher on weekends and holidays. Ask your local union rep (if you're in a union) if you receive discounts through your union! You'd be suprised what discounts you can get from your union. Also check out liftopia.com or do a simple Google search for the resort you're looking to visit. In New York State we have "The Empire Card" which allows you exclusive discounts to Whiteface, Gore, and Belleayre. The "Empire Card" has variation rates for both college students and seniors.

Lastly, if you decide to carve some GNAR on the slopes please, please, please remember to bring the proper attire for the weather conditions. You can always pick up gear at the resorts, but you'll pay an arm and a leg for the last minute convenience. You're better off overpacking then forgetting an important accessory on a cold day. Nobody wants a mountain Jerry in their Ski party, they're a rare breed of snow folk. So above all, have fun, stay warm, and don't mess up Jerry...or we'll all be watching your viral fail on social media (Ha Ha Ha). Speaking of which, don't forget to tag us in all of your Winter #UpstateAdventures on both Instagram and Facebook!! #SkiTheEast

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